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Zoho Wiki

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Online Portals for Group Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

1.Create Your Own Wikis : Create your own wiki with its own pages and sub-pages. Build a mini website filled  with pictures and multi-media snippets of your choice.

2.Online Collaboration : Collaborate with any one you want and create an environment for the active  participation of  employees, teams, project clients and partners.

3.Create Centralised Online Spaces : Create independent portals for each groups in your organization and control sharing of the information within the group. This ensures the security of the information.

4.Online Knowledge Base : Easily access general information about the business environment from the knowledge repository.

5.Intranet : Keep the information updated to everyone in the organization and to those who are even outside the organization(clients) through intranet. Publish company links, documents, announcements and events.

Benefits To Business Organizations :
- Attach Documents
- Set Notifications
- Customized Dashboard
- UTF-8 Support
- Fine Grained Access Controls      

Benefits to educational institutions :
- Online Classroom
- Separate Portals For each Classes
- Parent Teacher Community site


Version: 1.0
Updated: April 13, 2016
Language: English