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YT Tracker

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Export statistical parameters of YouTube videos/channels like likes, subscribers in a spreadsheet and export any channel videos.
1. Export videos uploaded by any particular channel to a sheet.
2. Auto refresh on open with an option to disable.
3. Refresh data on demand.
4. Toggle thumbnail.
5. Ability to abbreviate counts.
6. Track random YouTube videos/channels.

How to use:
1. After installing, on your sheet select Add-ons → YT Tracker → Track YouTube Videos/Channels.
2. Wait for some seconds, a sheet will be generated with a template.
3. Add video ids/channel ids to the first column of the sheet to start tracking.

YT Tracker is absolutely free to use with some limitations in its functionality. However, you can buy premium to use it without any limitations. 

For example, you can only add 50 videos for statistics in videos sheet and 10 channels in channels sheet in the free version.

Select Add-ons → YT Tracker → Buy Premium to unlock premium features.

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Version: 10
Updated: March 11, 2019
Language: English