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Yob - Graph Editor

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Yob is a slick, powerful graph editor and analysis tool designed to compliment Google Docs.
**NOTE:  We currently only support Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.**

Yob - Graph Editor is geared towards classroom use.  It provides plotting and regression functionality right along side of the Doc you are working on, making life easier for both students and teachers.

Creating graphs in Yob is quick and easy, making it a great choice for users who just want to plot some data and stick the graph in a document.  However, Yob also comes with many advanced features such as calculated columns and non-linear curve fitting, making it a useful tool for more advanced users as well.

Yob graphs can be inserted into the document with the click of a button.  You can also edit the graphs later just as easily.  Utilizing Google Drive, Yob graphs and their data can be transferred over to any other document with a simple copy and paste.

To learn more, check out our documentation by clicking the “Support” link at the bottom of the page.


Version: 30
Updated: March 11, 2019
Language: English