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Yet Another Mail Merge

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Create email campaigns with Gmail and Google Sheets. Personalize & track each email sent.
The perfect mail merge tool for Gmail!
It's super easy, just write your email template as a draft in Gmail, with markers that will be replaced by data in your spreadsheet to send personalized emails (use this syntax: {{Column Header}}). You can format your email directly in Gmail and add inline images and attachments.

Main features:
* See who has opened and clicked links in your email in real time! (read & click receipts tracking with a dashboard - report panel)
* Schedule a campaign for a certain day and time
* Add different CC / BCC / Attachments to each email (add links to files stored in Google Drive in your sheet and we will upload them as email attachments).
* Add different links / images to each email (no need for HTML, you can just use the =HYPERLINK() and =IMAGE() functions in your sheet)
* Choose a beautiful pre-designed template instead of creating your draft from scratch if you want to send pretty newsletters displaying your brand logo.
* Auto-send emails when users respond to a Google Form (notify one or more email addresses whenever a form is submitted or send an email to an address submitted by the form).
* Import contacts data (name, email, phone number,...) from Google Contacts and Salesforce.
* Reuse your Gmail aliases.
* Available in more than 20 languages (thanks a lot to all the translators!).
* Automated check to let you know if you should change something to avoid being blacklisted by spam filters.

Free plan: 50 recipients each day.
Premium: 400 or 1500 recipients, depending on your Google account (400 for Gmail users, 1500 for Google Apps users).
Through our referral program, you can also get more quota, for free, by inviting other people to use this add-on (and the people you invite also get more quota).

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Version: 1128
Updated: August 17, 2017
Language: English