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Go beyond mail merge with Warmgun! Use Google Sheets and Gmail to schedule email campaigns with follow-ups and track performance
Go beyond mail merge with Warmgun!
Take the "cold" out of "cold emails" by launching email campaigns with personalized fields for each recipient using google sheets and your gmail/g-suite address.
You can schedule personalized follow-ups for those recipients that don't reply and keep them even warmer. Don't let a prospect go wasted again!
Other free features include:
- See who has opened your messages
- You can preview the emails (as the recipient) before you send them
- Create images and links specific for each recipient
- Embed images from your google drive on the email body straight out of our UI
- If you want, you can load drafts from gmail too
- Twitter-like see-as-you-type functionality to select the recipient's customized fields (aka, the mail merge)


Version: 18
Updated: April 11, 2017
Language: English (United States)