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Create trackable, digital packets with video, audio, files, and surveys. Share using email, text, social, company portal, blog. etc.
Ving answers these question and more: What is the best possible way for me to engage this group of contacts?  Did they watch my entire video?  Which survey question type gets the most response?  Did they listen to my entire audio file? Is it most effective to share a file, a video and a survey? Which images attract the most attention?

Use Ving with Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, etc.) to create trackable information packets.  

Create once, use many times over.  Watch your dashboard for data driven insights. Ving guides you to create a more engaged and responsive work environment.  Revision tracking enables you to zero in on the optimal combination of information for maximum engagement.

Mitigate corporate risk. Automatically track and log employee engagement with company correspondence.  Notifications, identify lack of engagement and enable you to take timely proactive action.   

Ving information packets:
• Include any combination or size; video, audio, files, surveys, etc. from Google apps or any other application.
• Share via any communications platform; email, text, social, company portal, website, etc. 
• Anyone can view your Ving! (no account required)
• Save top performing Vings as a template, revise, copy, share 
• Lock, prevent information from falling into the wrong hands
• Deactivate permanently or temporarily no matter where they may have traveled on the web.

Google Apps integration:  
• Link your Google Contacts/Groups 
• Link your Google Drive Account
• Single sign on with Google


Updated: May 9, 2016
Language: English