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Vehicle Routing

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Simple tool for daily vehicle route planning. Support various kinds of constraints. Start saving your transportation cost and time.
This is a very simple tool for solving your daily vehicle routes. It can handles up to a thousand of orders with a variety of constraints and vehicle cost parameters. You will not only reduce your trasportnation costs, but also save your time on route planning. 

The add-on will read input data from your sheets and send to solve on our server. After a specified time limit, a result can be fetched to your sheets. On the server, we delete your result within 24 hours. Your data is always secure and under your control in Google Drive.  

Here Maps is applied to determine traveling distances and durations based on your routing types and transport modes. Traffic prediction can be considered according to a given departure date and time. 

We prefer Google Maps for location address geocoding. To use this function beyond a basic daily limit given to general Google user accounts, you need to specify your own Google Maps API key in Settings.

The add-on is free for solving small problems. For more information about pricing, limitations or feature requests, please contact us,


Version: 9
Updated: February 26, 2019
Language: English