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Ultradox Trigger

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Automate your business and let the cloud work for you! Run your workflows for selected rows or whenever a user submits a form.
From simple mail merge to complex reports, invoices, contracts or sending out beautiful personalized newsletter campaigns - Ultradox allows you to build amazing stuff within minutes by combining the power of several cloud services like Google Forms, Docs and Sheets.

With the Ultradox Trigger Add-on you run a mail merge right from Google Sheets by simply selecting the desired rows and executing your configured actions for each row.

If you have created a Google Form and collect the responses in your Sheet you can also trigger Ultradox whenever a user submits a form. This allows you to build amazing stuff like a simple online registration or an order form within minutes.

Tip: Install Ultradox from the Chrome Webstore or right from Google Drive to be able to create and open new Ultradox files right from Google Drive.

Free plan for sending up to 250 personalized emails and 50 generated PDF documents per month.
After 30 days the free plan will add a logo on each page of the generated PDF documents.


Version: 71
Updated: November 21, 2018
Language: English (United States)