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UK Postcode Geocoder

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Convert UK postcodes into geographic information, including latitude/longitude coordinates, country, region and constituency.
How do I use it?

Select cells containing postcode data and click “Add-ons > UK Postcode Geocoder > Geocode selection” to convert the data into latitude/longitude.

Results will be displayed in a new sheet.

What do you mean by 'UK postcodes'?

The application currently will only provide latitude and longitude coordinates for active (i.e. currently in use and no discontinued) UK postcodes according to the ONS' Postcode Directory for November 2014 via

Postcodes can be upper or lower case and contain no spaces or 1 space before the last 3 characters (see examples below). Other formatting is likely to return an error.

 - wc1e 6bt
 - wc1e6bt
 - SW4 0BY
 - SW40BY

Postcodes or zip codes from other countries will return a 'not a valid postcode' error.

Where is your data from?

This application uses UK postcode data under the Open Government Licence for public sector information:

The data is pulled from the API:

The source code for this application can be viewed on github:

How do you use user data?

This application does not collect any personal or sensitive user data.

The postcodes you convert with this application are shared with the API in order to request the relevant geographic data.


Version: 8
Updated: April 29, 2016
Language: English