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Toky Bulk SMS sender

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Send massive SMS messages from Google Sheets using Toky. Reach customers everywhere with a single click at affordable rates
Easily send SMS messages from Google Sheets to a list of mobile phone numbers. You can even use Google Sheets formulas to customize messages and increase conversion.

- Insert personalized message for every contact using spreadsheet formulas
- Include links in messages
- Reach phone numbers in several countries with one click
- You can use different sheets for multiple campaigns
- SMS sent will also be logged into your CRM, Help Desk or any tool that you connected to Toky

You must have:
- Paid Toky Account
- SMS enabled phone number in Toky
- Available credit in your Toky account. You can see the pricing for SMS in this link

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Version: 2
Updated: February 6, 2019
Language: English (United States)