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Your financial life in a Google Spreadsheet, automatically updated each day. Includes templates for personal finance and business.
Updated for Winter 2019: Tiller add-on combines the new Tax Tools, the Tiller Simple Business Spreadsheet, the Tiller Budget Template, and the popular AutoCat tool into the most powerful automated finance tool for Google Sheets. 

Included with the Tiller add-on:

► Tax Tools - Tiller’s Tax Tools make tax time easy! Estimate your quarterly tax payments for self employment income with the Estimated Quarterly Tax sheet. Generate a detailed analysis for itemized deduction reporting with the Category Rollup report. Quickly get your finances organized for your accountant with Tiller’s new tax tools and workflows. 

► Tiller Simple Business Template - An automated business finance template that empowers you to focus on the work you love instead of tedious data entry. Automate income and expense tracking, effortlessly generate P&L reports, visualize your cash flow, and effortlessly stay organized. All in a spreadsheet updated each day with your business transactions and balances.

► Tiller Budget, a complete and highly customizable Google Sheets budgeting solution for personal finance. Includes powerful automated tracking and rollover features. With Tiller Budget, you can manage your money in a spreadsheet faster, easier, and with the greatest control. 

With the new Tiller Budget, you can create your own budgeting strategies, or follow the popular Envelope or Zero-sum methods. Track spending with ultra-customizable categories. Set savings targets in multiple categories. Use dynamic budget and rollover adjustment shortcuts. Set budgets for past and future time periods, and track multiple concurrent budgets. All based on your current financial data.

► AutoCat, a powerful tool for categorizing transactions your way. Easily create rules based on descriptions, accounts, or amounts to ensure recurring transactions are assigned just the right categories.  AutoCat gives you the convenience of automation balanced with fine-grained control.

► More on the way. Tiller is always developing new features to help our customers do more with their financial spreadsheets.


Version: 93
Updated: September 26, 2019
Language: English (United States)