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Convert cells into links based on the cells' data. Fast and convenient way to link to more information.
Let's say you have a column of task numbers that have a corresponding task webpage, locally served or on the web, that you want to link your Google Sheet cells to. 

ex: task number here)

When you look at the task webpage's link address, you can see that your task number is the only dynamic or changing value that determines how the webpage is built. If you change the task number, you get a different task page. Now you want to apply that knowledge to your Google Sheet. Usually you would either a.) manually create a link for each cell (task number) using the above example as a guide or  b.) you would use the above example to create another column where each cell has a formula to build a linked version of the data you already have showing!

Remove the need for intensive manual labor or duplicate information with Text2Link! Simply build the easy-to-create link formula once, choose to let Text2Link remember it, and use it to convert selected cells when you need it. Simple and convenient. Save a link formula in one spreadsheet and use it in another.

Add-on comes with two working examples for you to quickly see how it works and it's easy to create your own! There is no limit to the amount of links you can keep on hand for easy reference. Link to most webpages to accomplish your web-based productivity needs (search results, site webpages, Server-side utility pages, etc). 

FAQ also included to find answers to common questions.

If you've already used Google Chrome's keyword-based search engine in the Omnibox, "Web Searches" for Alfred (Mac), or the "Weby Plugin" for Launchy, then you already have the understanding on how to create links quickly in your Google Sheets using Text2Link! You can even copy & paste non-Javascript Chrome Search Engine items to Text2Link! Bring that ease of use you know and love to your Google Sheets!

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This version:
Fixed region specific parse error issue with HYPERLINK formula concerning comma and semi-colon.


Version: 11
Updated: January 26, 2017
Language: English