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Text Mining

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Text analysis, by Dandelion API: extract entities (places, persons, organizations…) or perform sentiment analysis in many languages.
With this add-on you can analyze any kind of text, including short ones such as social media posts, SMS, product reviews or website URLs, performing different types of Text Analysis.

It supports several languages at the moment: Italian, English, French, German and Portuguese.

You can analyze your text to:
- enhance your columns of text by automatically extracting keywords and named entities (such as places, persons and events) and linking them to Wikipedia, useful source of contextual information;
- perform sentiment analysis on your content, to detect sentiment and emotions of a text stream, especially useful for reviews and opinions expressed on Social Media;

Extracted entities are listed in a new sheet and include a type (person, place, organization, …), a category taken from Wikipedia, and a link to the Wikipedia page (which you can use to pull additional data about the entity). 

It's powered by Dandelion API, a state-of-the-art Text Analytics SaaS engine available at


Version: 42
Updated: May 9, 2016
Language: English