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Text Cleaner

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Powerful and customisable formatting clearance.
Text Cleaner is essentially a much more sophisticated version of the ‘clear formatting’ command which allows the user to preserve things like italics and bold. It also removes line breaks, multiple spaces and other annoying features often present in text copied from elsewhere. This leaves headings and paragraphs that conform to the document’s styles.


1. Paragraph-level attributes such as line spacing and indent are only cleared when entire paragraphs are selected.

2. Text Cleaner replaces line breaks with spaces. This splits words in half if they contain a line break mid-word. This is unavoidable.

3. Line breaks in copied text are often actually paragraph breaks, so be sure to select this option if line breaks remain after cleaning.

4. The options to remove various annoyances are based on complicated scripting. It is recommended that the user disables these when they are not needed to make the add-on run more efficiently.

5. Removing links also removes underlining in any selected text, even if that text is not a link. This is an idiosyncrasy of Google App Scripts. This is why Text Cleaner will not allow you to select both ‘preserve underling’ and ‘remove links’.

6. Text Cleaner does not remove highlighting/background colour from list bullets or numbers. This has to be done manually where it exists.


Version: 24
Updated: May 31, 2018
Language: English