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Access a wide range of professionally developed spreadsheet templates and documents by to make your life easier.
Save time by using ready-made spreadsheet templates, calculators, calendars, schedules, planners and documents professionally designed by Browse through the categories or search for new and updated templates and documents including budgeting tools, financial calculators, schedules calendars, planners, invoices, timesheets, letters and more.

When you find the desired template, click "Copy to Google Drive" button to obtain a copy into your Google drive for further use. If you are unable to find a specific template, please contact us via a contact form on


- Search for new and updated templates and documents
- Get access to templates and documents not available in Google Templates Gallery
- Copy templates and documents directly to your Google Drive

This add-on uses Google Drive API to create a copy of the desired template on your Google Drive. Any existing documents on your Google Drive will not be accessed, changed, deleted or otherwise affected during use of this add-on.


Version: 54
Updated: March 12, 2019
Language: English