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TAP Sheet

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IVOA TAP Add-On for Google Sheets
TAP Sheet is a handy tool that enables users to assemble and send ADQL queries to IVOA TAP services and import the retrieved data directly into a Google Sheet for further processing, sharing etc. The IVOA Table Access Protocol (TAP) defines a service protocol for accessing general table data, including astronomical catalogs as well as general database tables. Please refer to the the IVOA (International Virtual Observatory  Alliance) website for further information on the TAP protocol (

After installing the Add-On, you need to provide an address to a valid TAP host. The default path to the root resource of the connected service is related to a GAVO DaCHS service - mind that if you connect to a different TAP implementation, you might have to adapt the path accordingly and/or certain features might not work as expected.

After a connection has been established, you can retrieve all available tables from the service by clicking "Update table list" at the bottom of the Add-On interface. Every table then allows you to display all its columns available for ADQL queries. Table and column names can be easily inserted into the ADQL query by clicking the respective "+" icon, replacing the selected text of the query. A table header can be created automatically, showing column names, units and descriptions respectively for every column.

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Version: 10
Updated: September 28, 2017
Language: English