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Tag, Search & Summarize

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Highlight and tag text in a Google Doc for searching and creating summary documents across all Docs in Drive.
A great tool for students, researchers or folks who like to easily optimize organization and access.

In a single document you have multiple points spanning a wide range of topics. Tag, Search & Summarize allows you to tag specific parts of your notes, to later access them for a given topic, across all documents and owners in your Google Drive.

Add tags to an excerpt in any Doc:
• Highlight your text
• Right click to make a comment
• In the comment box add your tag in square brackets like “[your tag]”

Start Searching:
• Start the add-on by going to menu item Add-ons > Tag, Search & Summarize > Start
• Choose a folder, start typing and a list of available tags will start autocompleting.
• Your results tab will then show your highlights, corresponding tags and links to the document they are in.

Create a summary document of all your tags, highlights and document links:
• Navigate to “Summarize” tab, select a parent and sub folder then click the button.
• A summary spreadsheet will be added to the root of the folder you chose.

A bit more of an explanation about the why and the how:


Version: 6
Updated: April 26, 2018
Language: English