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Dozens of superuser features at your fingertips! Get your slides looking pixel-perfect to better showcase your ideas
(NEW in latest version: A diagram library!)
(BETA available: shortcut keys to accompany the features of this add-on!)

This add-on provides dozens of Slides superuser features at your fingertips in a convenient sidebar. The current version contains these features:

Core tier features (all free):
- ALIGN left / top / right / bottom / center / middle
- CENTER on slide horizontally / vertically / both
- DISTRIBUTE horizontally / vertically
- ORDER objects front / back (z-index)
- SWAP objects' positions
- SPACING - increase / decrease horizontal or vertical spacing
- SIZING - make two objects the same size, or increase / decrease size
- ROTATE objects 45 or 90 degrees left / right
- COLOR PALETTE to save specific colors and apply one to font, highlight, border or fill
- FONT PALETTE to apply specific font formatting to objects

Premium tier features ($1 / month after a 21 day free trial):
- A couple extra helper features on the FONT PALETTE, e.g. copying font formatting from an existing object
- Set the EXACT SIZE of an object
- INSERT yellow, orange or red banners at the top of the slide
- Insert a generic HARVEY BALL that can be customized
- SPLIT or MERGE a textbox
- BULLET MARGINS customization
- A library of DIAGRAMS
- ...and more to come! 

There is an ongoing BETA: **keyboard shortcuts** for the features of this add-on. If you're interested in joining, please see the in-product instructions, in the footer of the add-on.

This add-on is new and currently in development - we are eager to hear your feedback and suggestions for future features!

The help forum for this add-on can be found at

For any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to

Updates (Showing last 5):
- July 8, 2019: Fixed a couple of small bugs with the "Insert Table of Contents" feature
- June 10, 2019: Adding 6 more diagrams and layouts to the Diagram Library
- May 22, 2019: Added diagram library with 6 initial layouts and diagrams!
- Apr 22, 2019: Fixed bug with the font palette where it was hard to copy the font settings of boxes that came from slide placeholders
- Apr 11, 2019: Added font color to the font palette (along with introducing a more compact design), as well as alpha (transparency) to the color palette


We built this add-on with enterprise security top-of-mind. Our specs are the following:

Scopes: We limit the scopes requested only to what is absolutely necessary. Currently, this means just the active Slides file. We take any decision to increase scopes very seriously and never plan to ask for wide scopes such as reading + writing to Drive

Data: We do not log any of your company's private data, i.e. we *never* get any pieces of the contents of the file. The add-on does implement Google Analytics event tracking - however, all users are identified only by an anonymized hashed string, and only feature usage, not file contents, are logged. For example, we log things like "4 clicks on the 'align-left' button" or "user with hash of [random digits/characters] clicked on 'align-top' and 'center-all' buttons". This is to aid in bug detection and future feature development.

Further: We would be happy to walk you through a code-level inspection if there are any further questions about this add-on. We have experience working with enterprise customers and understand the importance of enterprise security.


Version: 16
Updated: August 1, 2019
Language: English