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Get a collection of styles that will make your documents look polished in two clicks
This add-on will help you make a good first impression of your work in Google Docs. It supplements the standard styles with 20 designed sets that give your documents a professional look. 
Pick a style set to see its full-size preview right in the sidebar. Once you find the design you like, apply it in whole or in part:

- Style the entire document. If you have the structure of your document with its titles, headings, and normal text, click "Apply style" to add a finishing touch. The add-on will change the text font, size, and alignment of each part according to the style set of your choice.  

- Format the selected paragraphs. Click on the preferred style in the sidebar to apply it to any paragraph, e.g. title, heading, or normal text. 

Enjoy four new groups of style sets to make your document look consistent and complete!

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Version: 3
Updated: November 4, 2015
Language: English