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Student Name Import

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Import your students names from Google Classroom and insert them into any Google Sheet that contains the student email address.
Tired of looking at student email addresses and not knowing their names? OTT-o-matic Student Name Import allows you to insert your students names into any sheet that already includes their emails (ie. results of a quiz using Google Forms).  There are two simple steps grab and add your students names:

Step 1 is to grab all of your students emails and names from your active Google Classrooms.
Step 2 is to insert a column next to their email address and add the students names.

Once you have inserted the students names, feel free to relocate the column as needed.  If you do modify the sheet and happen to break the formulas, or have new students enroll in the class, simply re-run the appropriate step. 


Version: 5
Updated: June 18, 2018
Language: English