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Stim8 - Estimation Tool

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Standard and repeatable method of estimating project work. Simple to use and maintain by leveraging Google Sheets.
Build estimates using a simple repeatable process. Standard and efficient.

Stim8 allows you to have a common methodology across your organization for building estimates.  Whether for internal development or external customer projects, Stim8 provides a simple, efficient way to estimate.

Stim8 features:
  ✓ Create estimates from a standard template
  ✓ Easily configure roles, rates and simple settings to provide full implementation estimate
  ✓ Add a detailed estimate sheet for automatic calculations and complexity configurations
  ✓ Allow for manual input of hours by role and phase
  ✓ Complete summary of all estimated hours broken down by role and phase
  ✓ Executive summary of milestones, estimate hours and financials.

The paid version has all the features of the free version plus:
  ✓ Create estimate from a custom configurable template
  ✓ Add any number of detailed estimate tabs
  ✓ Email PDF of executive summary for ease of sharing
  ✓ Advanced settings configurable

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Version: 20
Updated: June 22, 2016
Language: English