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Stickeroid will help to add stickers, transparent images, clipart, logos into your slides.
Our platform provides thousands of components for creating presentations. Create your slidedeck faster width Stickeroid Ai. We guarantee that after the first use you will never forget our application.

Artificial intelligence is implemented in under the hood of our cloud platform, which ensures stable operation with a large volume of requests and quick work with the generated sticker in the appropriate context.

A picture is worth a thousand words! With Stickeroid, you can now search clipart, transparent images, stickers, logos and components for presentation and insert them directly into your Google Slides.

Bringing your idea to life is easier with the right tools. 

- Bug fixed and improvements #92
- Security Update
- New templates
- Fixed a bug with pagination


Version: 3
Updated: September 10, 2018
Language: English