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StatX Sheets Connector

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Connect spreadsheet data bi-directionally to visual metrics on mobile in the free StatX app; share live updates with any group.
Use this Google Sheets Add-on to share any spreadsheet data with a group visually in a beautiful mobile app. 

The free StatX mobile app (required with this Add-on) allows you to easily create and share visual mobile dashboards with any group. With StatX, executives can stay on top of their business at a glance, analysts can transform their spreadsheets to be visual and mobile, teams can stay in sync with instant progress updates, customers and partners can be sent live instant reports. 

This Add-on allows you to send data from your spreadsheet to stats in the StatX mobile app. In the other direction, you can collect user input provided in the mobile app into your spreadsheet.

StatX can be downloaded FREE on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, simply search for StatX.

What is a Stat?

A stat visually and succinctly represents any common metric (e.g. revenue, sales by region, count of customers, ad impressions) or status (e.g. opportunity stage, todo checklist). Create groups easily and share instant updates. Stats update in place so you always get the latest status at a glance. Any change in a stat provides a push notification to all other members of the group.

Connector Functionality

You must have the StatX app installed on an Android or iPhone. In the Add-on menu, select Login and follow the steps to authenticate. Then, you can fetch all the stats in any of your groups, update the values and other fields of any stat, create or delete stats. The Add-on is fully bi-directional, so any changes done in the mobile app will be reflected in the Sheets and vice versa.

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Version: 25
Updated: May 14, 2018
Language: English (United States)