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STACKARRAY: Combine all columns into one

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It combines all the columns of an array into a single column
Until now combining many columns into a single one was a cumbersome process. 
Here is a formula seen in the web to stack columns with native Google Sheets function:
=QUERY(ArrayFormula(SPLIT(TRANSPOSE(SPLIT(textjoin("-",TRUE,TRANSPOSE((A1:H1&","&A2:H5))),"-")),",")),"Select * where Col2<>''")

Not very comprehensive, isn't it?

Use =STACKARRAY(your_array) and stack your columns instantly wherever you need it in your spreadsheet. Without altering the initial array.

Use =STACKARRAY(your_array, TRUE) in order to remove all blank cells

To merge an array with only unique values, use =UNIQUE(STACKARRAY(your_array))
To sort the resulting column, use =SORT(STACKARRAY(your_array))


Version: 3
Updated: July 17, 2019
Language: English