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SRV Calculator

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Score Runoff Voting is a new voting system that combines range and rank-order features. This add-on computes an SRV election result.
This add-on computes the results of a Score Runoff Voting (SRV) Election from a Google Form. SRV is a hybrid rated/rank-order voting system: of the two highest-scoring candidates overall, SRV elects the one scored higher by more voters.

Here's how you use the add-on:
1. Create a Google Form for your election. Each candidate should be a single question in the Form using the "Linear Scale" form entry type.
2. Once all form responses are collected, open the responses Google Sheet by clicking the green spreadsheet "+" button on the Responses tab of the Form.
3. Select the menu option "Add-ons->SRV Calculator->Run Election"

A new "Results" sheet will be created that shows the election results, including overall scores, voter preference table and the final winner.


Version: 2
Updated: May 4, 2017
Language: English