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Spreadsheet Mailer

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Email your spreadsheet as an attachment. You can even schedule recurring emails. Attachments can be PDF, XLS or CSV.
Spreadsheet Mailer will help you to send your spreadsheet as an attachment to anybody via email. The attachment can be of any type PDF, XLS, XLSX or CSV. Sometimes you may need to regularly email a spreadsheet to somebody and this is where this Add-on comes handy. Some of its awesome features:

* Send your spreadsheet to anybody as an attachment via email
* Ability to send currently active spreadsheet as attachment
* Schedule emails to be sent regularly at certain interval. Intervals can be hourly, daily or weekly.
* You can schedule up to 10 emails and can delete them at any time.
* You can also manually choose which sheets to attach.
* You can customize various parameters in the attachment such as grid lines, frozen rows, orientation, paper size, fit to width, spreadsheet name and sheet name. These parameters are applicable for attachment type PDF.
* You can send a copy to yourself by providing your email in BCC
* And of course you can mention a CC in the email

Spreadsheet Mailer has been designed for various office purposes where a copy of a spreadsheet is needed to be sent to somebody instead of sharing the spreadsheet.


Version: 37
Updated: August 21, 2017
Language: English