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Spreadsheet Fund

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Cryptocurrency & Stocks Portfolio Tracking, Fund Management, and Accounting. Automated Investment Fund Back-office in Google Sheets!
Automate your Investment Fund in your Google Spreadsheet!

Spreadsheet•Fund Add-On automates fund's administration, accounting, portfolio tracking and fund management in one Google Spreadsheet. The Add-On is focusing on cryptocurrencies and stocks, but can be used with any other assets. 

- Track portfolio for all available cryptocurrencies & stocks with a reliable market rates from multiple sources in real-time
- Accounting for shares of investors by mutual unit
- Automatization of Entrance/Redeem/Transfer Fund's shares with customizable fees
- Recording of fund performance & portfolio snapshots
- Proper "Performance Fee" accounting automation
- Auto sync balances from wallets & exchanges
- Telegram notifications
- Portfolio rebalancing, reporting, assets valuation, and more...

Auto sync balances with customizable "dust filter" from:
- Ethereum wallet (we sync ERC20 tokens too)
- Bitcoin address (Segwit addresses too)
- Binance
- Coinbase
- Kraken
- Bittex
- Bitfinex
- KuCoin
- HitBTC
- Poloniex

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Version: 64
Updated: September 11, 2019
Language: English