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Split Names

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Quickly split full names to several columns with first, middle, last names, titles, and/or post-nominal letters.
If you ever need to have first and last names in different columns, this add-on will prove to be a great assistant. You can complete this task in a click: choose the name parts you need and click "Split" to have them pulled out to separate cells. That's it!

The add-on recognizes over 80 titles and 40 post-nominals; you can be sure you address people appropriately. Once you start it you'll see how simple it is to divide the names:
- Select your column with full names
- Start the add-on and pick the parts you have: titles, name parts, and post-nominal letters
- Click "Split" and see new columns with the results
The add-on will insert columns with the selected name units next to the original one.  You can keep your table structure by considering or ignoring headers.

Run this add-on to divide multi-part names into separate columns they belong to: first, middle, and last names, titles and post-nominal letters. Splitting names is that easy!

What's new?
Version 1.8
 - Titles and suffixes detection. In many cases they can be recognized even if their position is uncommon.
 - Added new medical suffixes.

 - Some issues with suffixes.

Version 1.7
 - UX

 - The add-on didn't recognize names in UPPERCASE
 - Processing the whole column
 - Minor bugs

 - We introduced yearly subscriptions, you can still enjoy a fully-functional trial version of the add-on for 30 days.

If you have any questions about the add-on, please post them here:
We'll be happy to assist!


Version: 33
Updated: February 21, 2019
Language: English