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Special Characters

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This add-on will help you to insert special characters (↔, ▶, ◑, ☁, ☎, € etc.) in your spreadsheet cells. Easy and one-click insert.
We have created this add-on to help you to insert special characters in your spreadsheet cells. You no more have to search anywhere for currency symbols or arrow marks. Everything has been bundled with this add-on. Considering everyday use, we have kept the user interface clean and easy to use. With a click of a single button you can now insert symbols. 

* This add-on also gives you searching and filtering capability. 
* You can filter symbols by their categories. 
* You can search by their names. 
* Hovering on a symbol will show you a neat preview which is really handy. 
* Preview also shows you unicode of that symbol which is useful for developers.


Version: 11
Updated: August 1, 2017
Language: English