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Sort By Color

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Sort your color-coded spreadsheet by CELL COLOR or FONT COLOR.
When data is color-coded and the only constant is the color of the cells or the fonts, sorting your data can be difficult. Now you can sort your color-coded spreadsheet based on the color of the cell or the color of the font. By reading the color of the cell or font, Sort By Color uses the hex code as sortable text.

To use the add-on, simply:

* Select the column containing colored cells or colored fonts
* Click "Add-Ons" -> "Sort By Color"
* Select the method by which you want the sheet sorted.

This simple tool can help you organize your data in a way previously unavailable.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback please visit the Sort By Color page at


Version: 9
Updated: April 3, 2015
Language: English (United States)