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Merges Spreadsheet data with a Slides template to create a set of slides for each row in the Sheet.
Slides Merge is a sheets add-on that allows you to create multiple sets of slides based on a Slides template and the data in a Sheet. Placeholders are inserted in the template at the places to subsitute in the sheet data. A data placeholder is simply the name of the column, in this format {{column name}}

Images can be inserted in the created deck by using a placeholder that looks like this {{{column name}}} where the column contains urls of external images. 

Each row in the data generates a set of slides. Each set can be in separate decks, or a combined deck. 

Global variables can be defined in a separate sheet to provide data for placeholders that are independent of the current data row - in others words applied to every set of slides. The same system of placeholder is used for both global and data variables, so {{global variable name}} will take its data from a sheet of name.value pairs held in a global variables sheet.

Charts can be inserted by addressing them like this -  {{chart.nameofsheet.positiononsheet}} to create a linked chart (one that will be updated when the original spreadsheet data is updated) or with triple curly brackets  {{{chart.nameofsheet.positiononsheet}}} to insert an image of the current state of a chart. Charts can be specified both as data fields (to get a separate chart for each data row), or as a global item.


Version: 9
Updated: 25 July 2017
Language: English (UK)