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Simplifai, a groundbreaking new add-on, brings free easy-to-use Artificial Intelligence to your Google Spreadsheets.
Allow us to introduce this new, ground-breaking add-on. Simplifai brings to you Artificial Intelligence through spreadsheets with just a few clicks. This add-on will allow you to predict your expenses, your income, your logistic delay and costs. This add-on also does sentiment analysis and mood prediction. You can also do real estate predictions such as price, time-to-sell, probability of sale given price. The use-cases are endless!

Using this add-on is very easy. And nothing like an example to demonstrate it. Suppose we want to detect whether a bank transaction is fraudulent.
So we compile a sheet with all the data:

newbalanceDest initBalance output_isFraud
0                          1000           =predict(A1:B3,"e8aee0d447")
1176544.11          0   

Now that we the data in our spreadsheet, we can call the model using the following formula:

This will send A1 through B3 cells as data, and use "e8aee0d447" as the model to run the predictions.


Version: 4
Updated: July 2, 2018
Language: English