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Simplebooklet for Docs

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Make a microsite website from your Google document.
Make a microsite from your Google Doc you can publish, post, pin, tweet, share, embed, print, email, and more from a dedicated, easy to remember web address.

Turn your Google Doc brochure, flyer, newsletter, product sheet, resume and lookbook into an interactive microsite customers want to view, social posts they want to click, and emails they want to read.

Any Device, Anywhere
Devices come in all shapes and sizes. You don't have time to make marketing for everywhere. With simplebooklet, just upload your Doc file from the Add-on menu and we'll do all the work, optimizing it to work flawlessly on every device your customers use.

Calls to Action
Every simplebooklet contains the calls to action that help a customer get connected with your business. You can add interactive features that let a customer call, email, go to your website or shopping page, and get directions right to your business from the device in their hand.

Social Discovery
Customers discover your business from all sorts of strange places on the web (social networks, forums, chats, blogs, and more). We've designed simplebooklet so that your marketing collateral can be shared by your customers in all corners of the Internet and look good while doing it.

Every simplebooklet has a unique, customizable web address, making it a snap to make a memorable and easily shareable URL. Pro accounts can even use their own domain and logo.

Deep Dive Analytics
We measure every aspect of customer engagement with your simplebooklet so you don't have to. See how effective your booklet is across digital channels and where customers are most likely to click. We'll even recommend ways to improve your reach and engagement.

Software As A Service
No hosting, no bandwidth, no coding, no hassle. As a web app, you login, make, share, and analyze your simplebooklet all from any browser. And you are constantly getting updates and the latest capabilities as long as you have an account.

Simplebooklet is free to use. Upgrade to get more features and remove ads.


Version: 5
Updated: January 18, 2019
Language: English (United States)