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SignatureSatori - E-mail signature management

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Manage signatures in Google Apps centrally. Unleash marketing potential of signatures and keep your company branding consistent.
With SignatureSatori, you can manage e-mail signatures for all employees from one place. That will help you to keep the branding of your company consistent. Moreover, you can unleash marketing potential of signatures with a campaign planner.

First-class integration with G Suite:
* Single sign-on with Google account and use of universal navigation
* Import user data from Google Directory
* Load user image from Google profile
* Load domain logo from G Suite
* Import Organization Units
* Change signatures directly in Gmail settings

Main benefits:
* Design and apply brand-aware signatures to all your employees.
* Different templates for different groups to accommodate multiple companies under one domain or different needs of departments.
* Marketing: Plan different marketing campaign for each day with campaign calendar.
* Self-service page for end-users. Let them enter their personal information on a special page and request a signature change.
* No SMTP configuration. No intervention into e-mail flow.
* Integration of Google Analytics for marketing performance tracking.
* Signatures works also on Gmail for iOS. Tutorials to set signatures on other platforms available.

Please note, that application works only with G Suite Basic, Business or Enterprise (former Google Apps for Business and Unlimited) or G Suite for Education. The legacy free version is not supported because it lacks necessary APIs.

TRIAL OFFER: 5 credits for free. Start consolidating your e-mail signatures with five signatures set for free.


Version: 2.2
Updated: February 15, 2017
Language: English