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Side Study Teacher Report

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Welcome teachers! With this Add-On, you can assess student learning on your Side Study assignments, send feedback, and assign grades
Side Study Teacher Report works with the Side Study Teacher Add-On to collect and organize student progress on their Side Study assignments. Before using the Teacher Report, you'll first need to make assignments using the Side Study Teacher Add-On. As students complete the assignments, you can monitor their progress, send guidance and feedback, and grade their assignments.

These reports provide amazing details! Learn more and see every feature at 


Side Study is a complete solution that allows you to create, assign, review, and grade assignments for any subject and age level from elementary to college right from Google Docs. First, you create a custom assignment using the “Teacher” add-on and then students complete it using the “Student” add-on where, if you choose, they can give and receive help from their classmates. Detailed data on their engagement and answers are sent to a report where you can enter feedback and grades and find out where students need more help.

Most importantly, the “Guide on the Side” feature simulates you being there with each student to provide guidance while they answer questions. In a Side Study assignment, students aren’t alone, but have you and their classmates for help, along with videos, text, drawings, webpages, or any other resources you add to the assignment!

Are you interested in using Side Study? Be sure to visit our webpage first to learn the ins and outs so you and your students have a great experience!

· Great for note-taking, flipping, homework, study guides, test preparation, reading comprehension, interactive worksheets, and much more!
· Students can give and get help for each question with peer review.
· Free-response and multiple-choice questions.
· Detailed, real-time teacher reports.
· Automatic grading and feedback.
· Student-to-teacher feedback for identifying the most challenging questions.
· Custom, embedded video player.
· Students get custom flashcards made from their answers.
· Learn more:

· No teacher or student personal data is collected. View privacy policy at

· Reviewed and approved by Google.
· Created by educators with K-12 and higher education experience.
· Programmed by experienced Google developers.

· Extra efforts were made to limit authorizations.
· Spreadsheet—needed to update report spreadsheets.
· Storage—needed to save relevant date in spreadsheet storage.


Version: 24
Updated: September 20, 2018
Language: English (United States)