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A powerful and configurable tool to export your sheet into JSON, HTML, XML (beta), and CSV (beta).
A powerful and configurable Drive App to export a Google Spreadsheet into many different formats.

While this is technically a work in progress, there is nothing here that will write to your Spreadsheet. This tool only writes to its own memory and its sandboxed document settings. Any bugs should only affect the use of SheetsDB and nothing more. Nonetheless, use at your own risk.

## Features ##

- Spreadsheet to JSON, HTML, XML (beta), and CSV (beta)
  - Import directly into a database
  - Export & backup for safe keeping
- Very few required options
  - Just choose the sheets and columns to export & enjoy
  - Or, choose your own options and have more control
- Filter out unwanted results
  - Remove empty rows or any other text
- Export multiple sheets in the same spreadsheet at one time
- Save your settings for each spreadsheet
  - Settings are saved per export format on each document
  - Share your settings with all users of a spreadsheet
- Make any column into working hyperlinks


Version: 3
Updated: August 4, 2017
Language: English (United States)