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Sheet Consolidation Plus

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Merge multiple lists built on spreadsheets that have all been created from the same model.
Based on a model spreadsheet and organizational structure, this application allows business owners to manage a cluster of parent and child spreadsheets system. 
Users access are defined automatically and are depending on the organizational unit users are belonging to. 
This allows different organizational units to work separately on different spreadsheets fulfilling data confidentiality and data consistency with an automatic consolidation at different levels.
The consolidation is performed cell by cell depending on the aggregator specified on the model spreadsheet.

In terms of use case, this application can be powerful for building a department budget or collect KPI’s. More generally for collecting formatted information from different services or group of persons.
Interaction between the application and spreadsheets will be handled through Google add-ons and controlled by an App Engine application. 


Version: 14
Updated: March 18, 2016
Language: English