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Weekly website traffic reporting, bulk 404 URL checker & add UTM parameters to URLs. Automate marketing analytics and improve SEO.
SEOMango automates tasks for SEOs and Web Analysts saving you time and helping to grow website traffic. 

It can help you with below - 
1) Schedule weekly website traffic reports which gets delivered to your inbox each Monday. Easy way to get the most important metrics without digging into Google Analytics. You can schedule it for your clients as well and mention the emails that the report should be sent to. 
2) Check HTTP status for your URLs. Buld 404 URLs checker. You can check upto 1600 URLs.
3) Add UTMs to many URLs in one go. 

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Why you should use SEOMango:
1) Do you have a list of URLs that you want to check HTTP status for? 
2) Do you want to check if the URLs are 404s so you can redirect them? 
3) Are you going through website migration?
4) Do you carry out email campaigns with UTM parameters attached?
5) Do you get a weekly scheduled emails?

SEO and web analysts will find themselves using this add-on very often to save you time by checking HTTP status and generating tracking URLs.

This Google sheet add-on is designed to help you find 404 URLs in a column so that you can add redirects and improve SEO for the site. Very easy to use it pings the URL and checks it's HTTP status if it is a 404, 200 or 301. You can follow follow redirects to get the HTTP status of the end page.

You can also schedule weekly website traffic report using Google Analytics. No need to dig into Google Analytics each week and send reports. Just schedule once, your sheet will get updated each Monday, and you will receive report in email.

Additionally the add-on also lets you add UTM parameters for URLs, and attach custom UTM parameters as well. No more having a spreadsheet with complicated formulas. Just enter the UTMs and use our add-on.


Version: 83
Updated: September 17, 2019
Language: English