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Sensitivity Macro

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Create "data tables", "tornado", and Monte Carlo sensitivities. Also, type "<hide>" in Row 1 or Column A to group rows and columns.
Supercharge data analytics with sensitivities.

Create sensitivity tables and analysis for any model.  The functionality is similar to that of the "data table" function in Excel.  Build Tornado charts and run Monte Carlo simulations similar to Crystal Ball or @Risk.

Additional functionality to automatically hide rows and columns (similar to "group rows" in Excel) by typing "<hide>" in the first row or column which you would like to hide (Add-ons->Sensitivity Macro->Hide Rows)

Example Directions:
(1) Create a Monte Carlo tab from the pull down menu (Add-ons->Sensitivity Macro->Create Monte Carlo tab)
(2) Create a simple multi-variable model on another tab (for example "ModelSheet")
(3) Write the text names of reference cells of the model inputs in the upper left of the Monte Carlo tab in "A1 notation" (for example: to use cell c5 in ModelSheet as an input, type "ModelSheet!C5" in the Monte Carlo tab cell 'Monte Carlo 1'!C3)
(4) Set your distributions and ranges in the Monte Carlo tab between F3:K7 depending on how many variables you have
(5) Run it from the menu (Add-ons->Sensitivity Macro->Run Monte Carlo)

- Try running the sensitivity with the "Example Model" on the tab before linking to a new model
- Useful for valuation models
- Avoid spaces in tab names
- Don't insert rows or columns in sensitivity tabs (else risk breaking the tool)
- Remember to use the text of the reference cell for your model rather than linking
- Keep your model on a separate tab

Coming Next:
- Step-by-step instructions


Version: 18
Updated: March 29, 2017
Language: English (United States)