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Connect to databases (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Snowflake), write SQL, analyze data, and automate reports without leaving Sheets.
Connect to your database (MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL), Google Cloud SQL, and Snowflake) write SQL queries, analyze your data, and automate reports and dashboards all without leaving Sheets. Query other Sheets, CSVs, Excel, and JSON data sources without exporting / importing. It just works.

We built SeekWell because we were tired of copying results from our SQL client and pasting them over to a spreadsheet to complete analysis and build reports. We'd often "misplace" queries that were connected to a report and have to rewrite them to recreate a report. Also, coworkers that didn't know SQL would have to ask us to update the data in shared spreadsheets.

SeekWell solves all these problems by delivering query results directly to Sheets. You can automate dozens of queries to run at once and enable non-technical users to update reports on their own and even schedule reports to update automatically. Query results can be delivered to a specific cell, pivot table or even directly to a chart. Check out more examples at


Version: 27
Updated: February 13, 2019
Language: English (United States)