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You will optimize routes in just 3 clicks, super easy and super fast. If you're a driver or a salesman, this is your tool.
How much time you're going to lose today calculating routes?

If every day you're spending more time planning routes rather than making important decisions, you're not giving the best value for your company. SmartMonkey Route Optimizer Add-on will let you concentrate on the important decisions of your company that will make your clients more happy and will make you sell more. Let our technology work for you and concentrate on the important decisions of your company. Your company needs you! Let us do the hard work, you'll take the important decisions.

This complement will help you finding the best route for your vehicles, sales team or maintenance people in less than 2 minutes. Spend less time planing and dealing with routes and make your routes up to 40% more efficient with 3 clicks.

* Address geocoder (Add any direction and we will find their Latitude and Longitude)
* Client map viewer (You'll see all your clients on a map)
* Time windows (You can define the opening and closing times of each client to serve just when they are open and preventing visiting them when they are closed)
* Capacity of orders (You can define capacity of each client in weight and volume)
* Multiple vehicle fleet (You can define multiple vehicles in order to spread the visits to all of them)
* Fleet time windows (You can define the operating schedule of each vehicle)
* Fleet capacity (You can define different capacities for each vehicle)
* Real time route optimizer (Our technology will process all data and will show you the best route in seconds)

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Free plan
The freemium service allow you to optimize routes for 10 stops and 1 vehicle.

- Route optimizer algorithm improved
- Not found addresses in a different sheet to manual geocoding

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Version: 38
Updated: May 2, 2017
Languages: English, español