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Reviso for Google Sheets

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Live data integration from Revisos accounting platform is as easy as a formula in a spreadsheet. The language you know.
Connect your Reviso agreement to Google Sheets and use custom Reviso formulas to get accounting and budget data directly into cells of your choosing. This is a beta that will be expanded with more functionality as we get response from you on the usability.

Available functionality in beta version:
Connect your Reviso agreement securely to your spreadsheet using an agreement token. As secure as working inside Reviso.
Use the custom REVISO_ACC_CAT or REVISO_ACCOUNT formula that links directly to the Account Categories or Accounts set on your Chart of Accounts
Pull lists of data from Reviso
Account categories
Accounting years
Chart of accounts
Number series
VAT accounts


Version: 10
Updated: October 26, 2017
Language: English