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Revision Assistant

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Provide visual proofreading advice on pieces of writing in Google Docs and export Google Doc comments into an organized table.
Revision Assistant is a free writing software for all looking to edit and revise writing. The software allows proofreading marks, reminiscent of the old school proofreading marks, to be inserted into the page. Proofreading marks are tracked by occurrence on the page. Proofreading marks are categorized into two types: Conventions (blue) and Structure (green). Omit, which is located in conventions category, is the only button to output red color.

Additionally, Revision Assistant has the ability to export Google Doc comments. The export button, which is blue and set apart from the proofreading mark categories, integrates with Google Docs in order to capture and organize comments into a table at the end of the Google Doc.

Google Docs that have been marked up with Revision Assistant can be downloaded as Word Documents and will maintain the proofreading marks inserted on the document. Additionally, marked up Google Docs that are copied will maintain proofreading marks; however, occurrence data will reset.

The idea for and design of Revision Assistant is credited to Kalianne Neumann and Theodore J. Kopcha, Ph.D., of The University of Georgia. 


Version: 10
Updated: May 16, 2016
Language: English (United States)