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Response Editor

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Allows the owner of a Form to edit responses and get a response edit URL to share with a collaborator or the respondent themselves.
codlord's Response Editor:

- A free Google Forms add-on.
- Edit form responses.
- Cycle through form responses or enter a response index to choose a response to edit.
- Basic search facility to search for particular responses to edit.
- Fix respondent form input mistakes to correct your response charts/reports.
- Share edit URL's with collaborators or respondents.

Please see Permissions & Verification here: for details on the permissions this add-on requires. Note: the developer has NO access to your form questions or responses.

Editing a response is handled by the in-built Google form edit functionality, the add-on itself does not handle the editing. The Google form response editor shows the form exactly as it would for a form submission and the editor must follow the same flow of the form but can see and change the responses within the form. 

The add-on makes no changes at all to response spreadsheets, however, Google automatically highlights edited responses within response spreadsheets with cell notes to indicate they have been edited. No response history is recorded when responses are edited, so original responses will be lost unless you take a copy of a response spreadsheet before editing a response.

Anyone with a response edit URL can edit the response so share the links carefully.

Supported Languages:

The add-on user interface text has been automatically Google translated from English to all languages supported by the Google Translation API (at the time of publishing) and will automatically display in the language specified in your Google account locale setting (if supported).  However, the automatic translations may not be correct.


Version: 7
Updated: July 26, 2018
Language: English (UK)