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1) Ask the recipients of your mass emailing to CC an address when they reply. 2) Relax while we collect the responses in the sheet.
Reply-to-Sheet is a Google spreadsheet add-on which focuses on doing one thing really well: Syncing replies to a mass emailing in a sheet. 

When you install Reply-to-Sheet on a spreadsheet, you receive a unique email address. ANY email sent to that address will appear on the spreadsheet with information about the sender. You can then just ask the recipients of your mass emailing to CC that address when they reply. Just relax while we collect the responses. No more copy pasting required!

The main use case of this add-on is when you send a single email (an invitation, request for feedback or business proposition. The sky is the limit) to multiple people. 
I know that copy pasting the replies of all the recipients in a spreadsheet or document is really painful, and that’s why I built R2S 😄

Example use cases:

 1) Event Invitation
 - Invite your family and friends to a party, ask them to CC your unique address when they reply with their attendance. 
 -Get all the replies in a sheet with info about the sender. Create a new column with Going/Not Going based on the  replies

 2) Suggestion Box
 - Create a sheet with Reply-to-Sheet and get your unique email address
 - Print that address and ask your coworker/pupils/friends/employees to send suggestions to that email. You can even set up a redirection from one of your corporate email to the Reply-to-Sheet’s one if you don’t like the look of it 😉

 3) Your next big idea here


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Updated: November 26, 2018
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