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Remove Duplicates

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Quickly find duplicates in one sheet or in two columns. Move, delete, or highlight the results.
This add-on comes with two useful wizards. One will show how to delete duplicates in Google Sheets in 4 steps, the other will quickly compare data from two columns for repeated values.

"Find duplicates or uniques" is a quick assistant for Google Sheets: remove duplicates in a column or find duplicate rows or cells. You are free to include the first occurrences or look for unique entries. It lets you choose one of 6 ways you can deal with the results: highlight or remove duplicate lines, copy or move them to another Google Spreadsheet, or clear duplicate entries leaving the cells intact.  Once you run the add-on, it will display a summary for the results found in your sheet.

Use the "Compare columns or sheets" tool to quickly scan two Google Sheets columns for the same values. It will take you five simple steps to compare lists and mark the results with colour or status, copy or move them, clear repeating cells, or remove duplicate rows from your main table. 

The add-on offers case-sensitive search and additional options for handling empty cells and headers. You can use this tool to make your Google Sheets duplicate-free in a flash.

What's new:
Version 1.9
New Features:
 - Scenario. Just save the settings you use most often and give this set a name – this is your scenario. Once you run it, your sheet will be processed right away, and you won't need to go over the same steps again.

 - Remove Duplicate Cells: copy and move results to a new location.

 - Minor improvements and text adjustments.

Version 1.8
New Features:
 - Find duplicate cells. You can find and process duplicate or unique cells within the selected range.

 - Range selector UX. If you had slow Internet connection or server response, you could get an incorrect range. We've significantly reduced that possibility.
 - UX; the add-on will offer the most possible actions and warn about possible mistakes and lags.
 - Small screens and minor issues UIs.
 - Performance. The new version of the add-on processes colored cells faster.

 - Removing Alternating colors.
 - Corrupting main table formatting.

Version 1.7: We introduced yearly subscriptions, you can still enjoy a fully-functional trial version of the add-on for 30 days.

Version 1.6: We fixed the issues you reported and made the add-on much faster!

Version 1.2: Take advantage of all Pro features for free: mark duplicate values in a separate column, copy or move the found rows to another sheet.

Feel free to try it out on this test spreadsheet:

If you have any questions about deleting duplicates in Google Sheets, please post them here:
We'll be happy to assist! :)


Version: 79
Updated: February 25, 2019
Language: English