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Publication workflow by Awesome Table

offered by Awesome Gapps3,149 users


Set up some basic publication's workflow based on simple requests submitted via a Form. Display the result in an Awesome Table view.
Publication Workflow lets you set up a simple workflow in just a few clicks. People will be able to fill requests via a Google Form, you'll receive an email notification and you'll be able to approve or reject the request via email (you can even leave a comment / feedback for the requestor).
All approved requests are visible in an Awesome Table view that you can insert in any website / intranet (that's why it's a publication workflow - all form submissions that you have approved are automatically published).

It works on mobile too! The Google Form to let people submit requests / proposals is of course 100% mobile friendly, but also our email notifications, the Awesome Table view and our UI to view all pending requests, workflows,... (using Material Design).


Version: 33
Updated: February 5, 2019
Language: English