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PreAngel Captable Manager

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PACM is an venture capital tool for easy creating, updating and summarizing dozens of cap tables automatically.
PreAngel is a fund focus on the initial financing for Mobile Internet startups. It normally invests 10K to 20K USD in each deal for 2% - 5% of its equity.

So the problem is: we have hundreds of portfolios to manage, that means we have to face hundreds of cap tables.

How to manage the cap tables and summary them into one place easily? PreAngel Captable Manager(PACM) is born to do this.

What this addon could do for you:
1. create a clean easy to use cap table template(sheet) for each portfolio. just fill it with the right numbers, and name the sheet to the portfolio name;
2. get a new custom function: PF(). PF() means Portfolio(), with 3 parameters: sheetName(portfolio name), properties(useful portfolio information, such as valuation of the last round), and round. This powerful custom function would help you summary portfolios cap table information very convenience. 

What this addon could NOT do for you:
1. It is not the right cap table for your CFO. PACM is designed to summary many cap tables data to one table, and easy to update and manage. so it might leak of some detail information that seems not very important for us.
2. It could not run without google spreadsheet. also I don't know if google spreadsheets addon could support offline access.

The best practice for me to use PACM is:
1. create a new cap table sheet for every portfolio
2. create a sheet named "Portfolios", fill all portfolios' name(sheet name) to the first column. 
3. use PF() function to show whatever you want to summary in the table.

That's it. Hope it could be helpful to you. 


Version: 22
Updated: December 6, 2017
Language: English