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Poobah Crypto Scanner

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Poobah Crypto Scanner is a tool to help traders with small accounts find coins to trade with the focus on account building.
Poobah Crypto Scanner is the Pro edition for a service that helps Cryptocurrency traders find coins to trade to build their accounts. It's meant to be an extra tool to help find patterns that will match a trader's already established trading style. One that we are very familiar with and was the original idea that helped start this project is the Quickfinger'sLuc (QFL) account building method. He has a dedicated youtube channel that explains the reasoning and methodology behind the effectiveness as well as how to practice. You can find that here: 

This tool is really meant to be a compliment to other tools a trader may already use. The main focus is to show trends in coins. Spread, Near 24h Lows, Pumps/Fat Fingers - useful information that's available on the exchanges, we take and provide in an easily digestible format. There are quick links to the charts so you can run down a list of coins within a matter of minutes.

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Version: 97
Updated: October 8, 2019
Language: English (United States)