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Photo slideshow

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Gets pictures from a Google Photos album or a Google Drive folder. Especially useful to display an album on your website.
Photo Slideshow is especially useful to display a beautiful photo album on any website, and in particular in Google Sites.

Very easy to use, Photo Slideshow lets you import images from either a Google Drive folder or a Google Photos album, and display them as slides in a Google presentation.

After uploading a bunch of photos in Google Drive or Google Photos, you now want to display them in your website. How to do it?

Google Photos does not provide a way to embed your photos in another website, and Google Drive only allows to present photos as a gallery, not as a slideshow.

So best is to use Google Slides to create a slideshow. However, if you have many photos, it will be very time-consuming to insert them one by one as slides into a presentation.
No more pain with Photo Slideshow! This add-on does the job for you: Simply select a folder and all images will appear as slides. You can then use the native embed / iframe feature of Google Slides to put this slideshow wherever you want: Google Sites, Wordpress, Drupal,...
In just a few clicks, you will be able to embed a photo album in your website. Enjoy the result with Photo Slideshow!


Why use Photo Slideshow?
➤ Intuitive, time-saving and very easy to handle
➤ Create a photo album in a Google Slides presentation in just a few clicks
➤ Possibility to select pictures from Google Photos or a Google Drive folder
➤ Embed your slideshow in a Google Sites or any website
➤ Improve your visualization and the design of your website


Version: 48
Updated: June 25, 2018
Language: English